Night-Time Out of House Activities

Bored of your daily routine and the regular night-outs ? Want to break this routine and do different activities in Amman ?

WainJO suggests the following options for great Out-of-House activities:

1- Go for a Bowling or Pool (Billiard) night.
2- Go Karting.
3- Register in a dance academy and dance your nights through.
4- Barbeque. A bunch of good friends, plus, good food equals a great night!
5- Go for a late dip. You can go for a relaxing swim in one of the swimming pools found all over Amman.
6- At late night, you can go clubbing with a couple of friends!
7- A very delicious meal. You can go out for a nice BIG, Juicy Steak Meal, Pasta, or even Mashawi at a well-known restaurant.
8- Play cards with your friends at your favorite cafe.
9- Lay back, a bowl full of popcorn, another with chips and dips, you can watch a movie at a cinema theatre.
10- Go out for (Nafas Argeeleh) at the busiest hookah cafe.
11- An evening or late night cruise is perfect at this weather ! Grab a Sahlab from Downtown and cruise around.
12- Night workout and group exercise at the gym.
13- Play your favorite Play Station, Xbox, or PC network game at your favorite gaming center.

Don't know where these places are located ?

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