Evening & Night Home Activities

Whether you're too bored or too lazy to get out of the house on a weekday or a weekend night,

WainJO suggests a plan for a great night at home:

1- You can rent one of the top box office movies, invite your friends over for a movie night and get food delivered to your doorstep.

2- Play cards with your friends at a friends house or yours

3- Prepare dinner. Pick up your mum's, wife's, or "husband's" cooking book and try to make a delicious dish. Forget about Noodles, fried chips or eggs ! BE CREATIVE ! Sometimes, cooking can be amazing and overwhelming!

4- Read a book, novel, or watch a sitcom ! 

WainJO suggests the following places for this plan :

Click on any of the places below to get contact information, directions, maps, photos and much more !