Where Am I

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50 JDs (ENDED)

Ahoy there friends !

Every week Wain! JO runs a compeition to win a new prize. We take one picture from around the areas and outlets we cover in Amman and if you tell us what or where it is, you get entered into a prize draw to win 50 JDs for that Week!

Ready ? keep your fingers crossed !

Where Am I ?


The other day I was really bored and I thought to myself ! Why dont I go for a drive in Abdoun?!!

Well, got the keys, started the car, went to Abdoun, and I saw a coffee place that my friend once recommended. Went into the place, it was amazing; quite, great comfy couches, and to be honest, it had one of the best american coffee I ever tasted.

Grabbed my camera, took a shot of the place !

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