IQ Test

Prize :
50 JDs (ENDED)

Ahoy there friends !

Every week Wain! JO runs a compeition to win a new prize. This week, challenges you to answer the following IQ questions !

Ready ? keep your fingers crossed !


Question One:

If you turn a right hand glove inside out, you'll get a left hand glove outside in? True or False?

Question Two:

Zeid Has 15 JDs, and he can buy a 30 JD's Bike if he borrows 6 JD's from Omar and 8 JD's from Basil. True or False?

Question Three:

Basil, Zeid, and Omar went shopping for a TV, found one for 30 JDs. Each one of them paid 10 JDs.

The owner of the shop ordered the shop-worker to carry the T.V to Basil's car. As they were going to the car, the owner called out Zeid and gave him back 5 JDs because the price of the T.V was 25 and he got it all wrong.

Zeid came back with the 5 JDs, gave 2 JDs to shop-worker as a tip, and gave Basil and Omar 1 JD each and took 1 JD for himself.

Now if you calculate the totals it would be as such:

Basil: paid 10 JDs - 1 JD (Owner's Refund)= 9 JDs
Zeid: paid 10 JDs - 1 JD (Owner's Refund) = 9 JDs
Omar: paid 10 JDs - 1 JD (Owner's Refund)= 9 JDs

Total Paid:

9 JDs * 3 People (Zeid, Omar, and Basil) =27
27 JDs + 2 JDs = 29 JD
30 JDs (Original Cost) - 29 JDs (Total Paid) =  1 JD

There is 1 JD missing ! Find It !


Competition Duration: Ended

- Facebook like is a must.
- Any answer that is sent twice will be disqualified.
- Any duplication in answers will ban the user and will be disqualified.
- All ages should be 15 and above.
- Real Names should be included, fake names or nick-names will be disqualified.

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